Advanced Paediatric Life Support (NZ)

Course Outline

Day 1 – Commences at 10:00am

  • Interactive Plenary – Cardiac Arrest and Advanced Life Support, including the approach to neonatal resuscitation
  • Skill Stations in Airway Management, Basic Life Support and Defibrillation and Rhythms
  • Cardiac Teaching Scenarios
  • Testing

Day 2 – Commences at 8:00am

  • Interactive Plenary – Structured Approach to Serious Illness
  • Workshops on Pain Management, Fluid and Electrolytes,  Sepsis and Transportation
  • Serious Illness Teaching Scenarios
  • Interactive Plenary – Structured Approach to Trauma

Day 3 - Commences at 8:00am

  • Trauma Skill Stations – Vascular Access, Chest Procedures, Airway Management 2 and Radiology
  • Trauma Scenario Teaching Stations
  • Testing

Day Three finishes at approximately 4.30 pm

Assessment and Certification

Continuous assessment occurs throughout the course on skill stations, workshops and scenarios.  The skills of airway management, basic life support and defibrillation are tested at the end of the first day.  On the final day there is a final MCQ test and scenario testing.

Successful candidates are awarded a certificate that is valid for five years.

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